get ready.

kai neville, surf film extraordinaire (breathe of fresh air), is at it again.
all will be revealed soon.


best song of all time??

remixed. loving it, again.


keep reading...

got told today that this blog is read in canada. 
i love the maple leafs, & celine dion.

moustaches make a difference

Taylor Steele at work.


Walk On By...


photos by a guy named

Oak Thitayarak

more melbs.

[Space Invader?!]



Donavon Frankenreiter. the man. surfer, stylist and music serenade-r.
i saw him live last year, with about 1000 brazilian surfers... 
he shreds the g-tar kinda old school,
and sings tunes about the beach, his girl, and being happy.
hes got a new album titled "glow" - check it at his

young the giant

makes you happy.